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From:"Mike Pence"

Are these something that simple x-ray would pick up?  If so, cut the
tissue into sections and spread on a Rubbermaid lid. Have x-ray use the
mammo unit and shoot the pieces. Pick the pieces with the seeds and
there you have it.


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Subject: [Histonet] Gold seed implants

A pathologist just asked me how to easily find "gold seed" implants out
of a chest wall mass the size of a big steak. After cutting through the
tissue and only finding one, he suggested a strong acid to dissolve all
the tissue.  Oncology told me you can see it under a fluoroscope, but
still, the pathologist would have to dissect them out.   Maybe a funeral
home incinerator...ha!  Any ideas?   

Kathy Boozer
Adventist Medical Center

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