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From:"Hawkins, Hal K."

My Saunders Dictionary & Encyclopedia of Laboratory Medicine and
Technology, copyright 1984, by James L. Bennington, M.D. (a great
reference) has an entry that says:
Coplin jar (kop'lin) [W.M.L. Coplin, U.S. physician, 1864-1928] a
wide-mouthed container made of glass or other material that is used in
histology laboratories for the storage or staining of tissue sections.

I was amazed when I Googled W.M.L. Coplin that this link turned up -- it
is actually the article in Science by Coplin that describes the dish in
Of course, no hint as to pronunciation.

Also, it turns out he was the President of the US-Canadian section of
the International Association of Medical Museums in 1920/21.  

Google is amazing!

Hal Hawkins
UTMB, the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas

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I have found a Pathologist, who worked in Philadelphia and wrote
on pathologic methods from 1893-1913: William Michael Late Coplin.
Unfortunately there is no hint on the pronounciation, but a beautiful
picture: He might be the man behind the "Coplin-jar".

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