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At least "Bones" has been a little more accurate. They actually cut on a
microtome (the right way) but I did question the fact that they never
mentioned wether the bone they were cutting was decalled or not. Did
anyone see S.O.B.? They did do it right.


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I didn't catch the show last night, but years ago,
there was a show called Quincy...very similar to CSI. 
My best  friend Ed Brock was the technical consultant
for that show.  He worked for Technicon at that time
and made sure they were atleast close to being on
track.  Times change.

Akemi Allison-Tacha

--- Jackie M O'Connor 

> Anyone catch the histology scene in CSI last night? 
> The medical examiner 
> took a piece of skin from a victim, put it in a
> mold, poured wax on it, 
> put it in a microtome, turned the wheel backwards to
> get a section on a 
> slide, melted the wax off with a Bunsen burner, then
> looked at the section 
> under the microscope - -from that he determined that
> the victim was 
> electrocuted.  I love TV science.
> Happy Friday!
> Jackie O'
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