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From:"Lee & Peggy Wenk"

And to think ASCP is using William Petersen's photo and quote are on the
first page of the new ASCP "Careers in the Medical Laboratory" bookelt, to
help recruit people into the medical laboratory field.
Go to bottom of page to download a copy (almost 2 MB, so beware), or to
order copies.

HT/HTL are on page 5. Any idea what the stain/solution is in the Erlenmeyer?

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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Yes, you would think that with all that elaborate expensive equipment they
have for diagnostics, toxins, etc, that they would at least have had a
processor, slide dryer, stainer and oh my goodness, maybe a histotech,
duhhhhh.  Some one needs to contact their consultant, I think they are a


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Anyone catch the histology scene in CSI last night?  The medical examiner
took a piece of skin from a victim, put it in a mold, poured wax on it, put
it in a microtome, turned the wheel backwards to get a section on a slide,
melted the wax off with a Bunsen burner, then looked at the section under
the microscope - -from that he determined that the victim was electrocuted.
I love TV science.

Happy Friday!

Jackie O'
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