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From:Shirley Powell

Yes, you would think that with all that elaborate expensive equipment they
have for diagnostics, toxins, etc, that they would at least have had a
processor, slide dryer, stainer and oh my goodness, maybe a histotech,
duhhhhh.  Some one needs to contact their consultant, I think they are a


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Anyone catch the histology scene in CSI last night?  The medical examiner
took a piece of skin from a victim, put it in a mold, poured wax on it, put
it in a microtome, turned the wheel backwards to get a section on a slide,
melted the wax off with a Bunsen burner, then looked at the section under
the microscope - -from that he determined that the victim was electrocuted.
I love TV science.

Happy Friday!

Jackie O'
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