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From:"Rittman, Barry R"

I believe that an artisan is a craftsman who uses tools in a particular craft. 
The end result is a product that is made according to certain specifications.
The end product may or may not have artistic value to some individuals.
An artist on the other hand aims for a product that in, some cases they alone will be the only ones to perceive the end product as art. In most cases it is an extension of the artists persona.  
It may perform a function but I think that the main aim is to communicate the artists intent.
Some of the end products that artisans produce are without a doubt artistic as well as performing a specific function.
Some histotechs are artists and some are artisans.
If you produce a well stained section and do not see the art in the cells, tissues and architacture then you are an artisan.
The aim is to be both.


From: on behalf of Maxim Peshkov
Sent: Tue 5/22/2007 9:23 AM
To: Rene J Buesa
Subject: Re: [Histonet] Another question!

We are ARTISANS, because our permament materials
(the tissues) was created by nature. And we are
use chemical and physical knowledge, chemicals
and many other facilities for finding interesting
structure, substantia and etc.
We gain already earlier created things...

Maxim Peshkov

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