[Histonet] re: Ab concentration

From:"Andrea Hooper"

I couldn't disagree more. Assuming this is purified IgG and not 
antiserum, you need to know and go by antibody concentration to know 
how much control IgG to add and how to interpret your results from 
one experiment to the next. Antibody dilution alone is meaningless 
and near impossible to interpret without controls at the same IgG.

At 6:33 PM +0100 5/29/07, Carl Hobbs wrote:
>Ignore Ab concentration, in the 1st instance: just carry out a 
>titration of your Ab reagent.
>For eg: 1/10, 50, 100, 500, 1000.
>If the Ab seems to be positive, next  immunorun can finetune 
>positivity to achieve, ultimately, optimal signal:noise ratio.
>NB: [Ab] can be misleading: it tells you nothing of the Ab's 
>affinity for it's Ag, within a given system ( eg: pwax sections)
>Empiricism rules, OK?


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