[Histonet] RELIA's Histology Opportunity Update 5-22-07 From Pam Barker

From:"Pam Barker"

Hi Histonetters!

Right Place, Right Time, Right Opportunity.  Sometimes your next career
move is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time and
ready for the next opportunity.


Odds are that if you are contemplating a job change for whatever reason
– better compensation, a more desirable location or more challenging
work, you don’t have the time to do a job search.  

Let me help you with that.  I have clients located throughout the

All of the jobs that I represent are full time day shift positions with
excellent compensation, benefits and relocation/sign-on bonuses.


I will assist you with your resume, coordination of interviews and
coaching throughout the process.  Remember my services are FREE of
charge to you.


Here is the latest update of the positions I am most excited to
represent.  If you are interested in any of these positions or a
position like anyone of these but in another area either way – give me a
call toll free at 866-607-3542 or shoot me an e-mail at
relia1@earthlink.net and let’s discuss it. 


Whether you are looking for a new position today, tomorrow or 6 months
from now, it is never too early to have me keep a watch out for that
perfect job for you!



1.	Histology Manager – Central CA
2.	Histology Supervisor – Southern CA (not Los Angeles)
3.	Histology/Cytology Supervisor – PA
4.	Histology Manager – Central Florida



1.	Histology Inside Sales/Support – WI
2.	Lead Histotechnologist – MA
3.	Histo Tech – OH – Cleveland
4.	Histo Tech – OH – Cincinatti (3rd shift)
5.	Entry Level Histotech/MOHS trainee – Los Angeles
6.	Histo Tech – Southern CA
7.	Histo Tech – Northern IL
8.	Histo Tech – MN
9.	Histo Tech – SW FL
10.	Histo Tech – N. Central  FL
11.	Histo Tech – OK
12.	Histo Tech – MD/DC
13.	Histo Tech – RI 

Remember if nothing sounds interesting on my current list you can pass
it on to

your friends and wait for the next one OR give me a call or shoot me an
e-mail telling me what you are looking for in your next opportunity.
Remember timing is everything.


Thanks – Pam 866-60-RELIA (866-607-3542)

Thank You!

Pam Barker
Specialists in Allied Healthcare Recruiting
5703 Red Bug Lake Road #330
Winter Springs, FL 32708-4969
Phone: (407)657-2027
Cell:     (407)353-5070
FAX:     (407)678-2788
E-mail: relia1@earthlink.net
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