[Histonet] Neurogenesis

From:"Ian Montgomery"

    I'm just about to start my literature search for information on a new
neurogenesis project. In the first instance I'll only be looking at markers
for new neurones so any hints and tips pointing me in the right direction
would be welcome.
    Recently a topic has covered freezing tissue in iso-pentane cooled with
solid CO2. This is also of interest for another project where I'll be
studying skeletal muscle from salmon. My routine technique is iso-pentane
cooled using liquid nitrogen and for an earlier pilot study this was the
technique used. But, these salmon specimens are taken from pens in Scottish
sea lochs so technically it's a wee bit tricky for the scientists freezing
the specimens. Remember, this is Scotland where wind, rain and heaving seas
are normal so using liquid nitrogen presents health and safety issues. A
question for those who have frozen muscle using CO2 cooled iso-pentane? Can
it be done successfully and repeatedly without ice-crystal damage? Obviously
I'll get the people at the fish farm to try it before the experiments start
but I don't want them to waste their time as in the commercial setting, time
is money.
    I should also point out that Scottish salmon is like the whisky, the
gift of the gods.

Dr. Ian Montgomery,
IBLS Support Services,
Thomson Building,
University of Glasgow,
Extn: 8511.

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