[Histonet] ImmEdge pen and Menzel SuperFrost Plus slides

From:Mirkka Sarparanta

Hi everyone!

Does anyone have any experience with using the ImmEdge or DAKO pens on 
Menzel SuperFrost Plus adhesion slides? Vector doesn't really specify on 
which glass slides the pen can be used, but some such as the Super PAP 
pen and DAKO pen should be used only on albumin or polylysine coated 
slides (according to the manufacturer, anyhow). I know of one group that 
uses the DAKO pen succesfully on Superfrost Plus slides, but I'd like to 
have some second opinions before making the purchase. Your help and 
expertise will be greatly appreciated.



Mirkka Sarparanta
M.Sc., Ph.D. Student

University of Helsinki
Laboratory of Radiochemistry
Tracers in Molecular Imaging Team
e-mail: mirkka.sarparanta@helsinki.fi

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