[Histonet] DIG ISH on Ventana

From:"Milne, Katy"

Hi guys, 

I need to look for interferon-g in FFPE mouse and human tissue, I am
ordering some DIG probes and am planning on using our Ventana Discovery
system.  I am planning on bringing in an Amp-MAP kit for TSA and I
notice that the kit starts with a strep-HRP step which would tell me
that I need a biotinylated anti-DIG Ab; however in a few papers I've
seen people using an HRP-conjugated anti-DIG Ab for tyramide
amplification, I'm guessing perhaps they're somehow eliminating the
first step of the kit or doing something slightly different.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with this and if I
need a biotinylated or an HRP conjugated anti-DIG Ab for use with the
AmpMap kit.  Also, which detection kits does everyone use, we have
RedMap and DabMap in house.  Is BlueMap necessary?
I'm trying to get these reagents in ASAP but I want to make sure I have
the right stuff so am looking for someone with experience for guidance!

Thanks in advance,
Katy Milne
Deeley Research Centre
BC Cancer Agency
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