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From:Gayle Callis


I have tried them all, and on both the silane coated slides manufactured 
by  Erie Scientific as Superfrost Plus Charge slides or their Polysine 
(poly l lysine) slides.   We now use Vectors Immedge pens exclusively on 
any glass slide surface, coated or uncoated.

In our hands, the DAKO pen, which may not be available in US now,  peeled 
off in sheets, and the Super PAP pen wasn't ideal either. These pens 
resulted in a clear line of demarcation, but the Immedge pen has a hint of 
gray, making is much easier to see during staining.   There used to be a 
super PAP pen with color, but the color leached under the coverslip over 
the sections.  I am not sure this is available in the USA anymore either.

The Immedge pen is also much cheaper, comes in a package of two.  We are 
very happy with these pens.

Hints on successful use:  Vector said to vigorously shake ImmEdge pens 
before using them.  This redistributes the goo and solvent inside the 
pen.  I have heard the goo is teflon based, but cannot back up this fact 
since ingredients generally are proprietary.  We vortex ImmEdge pens as 
hard as possible before drawing the lines. Vector made the agitation 
suggestion when people began to experience problems with their pens, and it 
works for us. I would assume shaking any vendors  PAP type pen may improve 
their hydrophobic barrier effectiveness too.

My biggest wish: Vendors and/or pen manufacturers,  PLEASE make narrower 
pen tips and not out of such HARD material.  My DAKO pen poured out goo 
like a fire hose resulting in goo flooded sections leading to very bad 
language habits. I finally crushed and macerated tips with a pliers.  I 
have macerated the tips on other vendors pens too, and have recycled a 
favorite tip from one empty pan into the new pen - for a soft tip providing 
an even, minimal flow of goo when drawing the line!

Good luck on finding a suitable hydrophobic barrier pen.

At 07:08 AM 6/1/2007, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any experience with using the ImmEdge or DAKO pens on 
>Menzel SuperFrost Plus adhesion slides? Vector doesn't really specify on 
>which glass slides the pen can be used, but some such as the Super PAP pen 
>and DAKO pen should be used only on albumin or polylysine coated slides 
>(according to the manufacturer, anyhow). I know of one group that uses the 
>DAKO pen succesfully on Superfrost Plus slides, but I'd like to have some 
>second opinions before making the purchase. Your help and expertise will 
>be greatly appreciated.

Gayle Callis
Research Histopathology Supervisor
Veterinary Molecular Biology
Montana State University - Bozeman
PO Box 173610
Bozeman MT 59717-3610

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