Re: [Histonet] storing paraformaldehyde under inert gas

From:Geoff McAuliffe

original container, tightly closed. I suppose you could buy a glove box, 
a closed chamber with gloves and inlet and outlet valves and use it to 
close the paraform. jar with nitrogen in the chamber. Seems like a lot 
of trouble ESPECIALLY since, if the lid is not 100% leak proof, you are 
wasting your time and money.

Geoff wrote:

> Hi,
> We just ordered paraformaldehyde (crystalline form, Sigma P6148) and  
> found out from the MSDS that it needs to be stored under inert gas at  
> 4C.  Does anyone know how to do store a reagent under inert gas?  Or  
> does anyone do this at all w/ their paraformaldehyde?  I tried  
> searching the Histonet archives and didn't find any info relating to  
> storing the solid but maybe I used the wrong search terms.
> Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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