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From:Rene J Buesa

Returning to formalin will do nothing in any way. That tissue has already been fixed.
  As a matter of fact the most I used to do was going back to 100 EthOL and again to xylene and paraffin.
  Usually a tissue not well processed is already "ruined" will little hope for real improvement.
  The thing is doing the processing well from the initial step on the first time.
  René J.

Derek Papalegis  wrote:
  I am reprocessing some tissues that did not process adequately and was 
curious as to if after they are followed backwards through xylene, 100, 
95, 80 and 70, could the tissues go back into formalin with no adverse 
affects? Would it be better to simply leave them in 70% for the weekend. 
The one thing I don't want to do on a Friday afternoon is to sit around 
and stay late to process tissues.

Thanks for your help.

Derek Papalegis
T-NEMC Animal Histology Core
Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine
Tufts University 
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111
phone: 617 636-2971
fax: 617 636-8354

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