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Pamela Marcum  wrote:  The blocks should be stored in 70% alcohol as absolute will remove 
all water even the bound molecules of water you actually need. Also 
going into a processor for routine processing may be fixative 
(aqueous) through lower grades of alcohol that replace the water just 
removed by your storage alcohol and then remove it again. All of 
these factors could contribute to the cracking as the tissue is 
completely over exposed to alcohol.

It would help to have the actual protocol used for processing.

Pam Marcum (address at the bottom)

At 04:40 PM 5/9/2007, you wrote:
>I am having a bit of trouble obtaining good quality slides of bat 
>brains. The brains are fixed in Carnoy's, stored in absolute 
>alcohol, processed routinely, infiltrated with paraffin, sectioned 
>at 8 microns and stained using cresyl fast violet. The aim is to 
>record the cytoarchitecture. The resulting slides show poor tissue 
>integrity with extensive cracking. Can anyone suggest how this can 
>be avoided? I was thinking maybe a double-embedding method for 
>whole brains (10-15 mm) and thicker sections (25-30 microns)?
> Thanking you in advance
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