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From:Cheryl Cross

hi i-sanna i know everyone will have their own opinions.....if you  
aren't perfusing what we typically do for necropsy cases is to remove  
the brain immediately and let it sit in formalin (10% NBF) whole, for  
24 hours. if you touch or cut the parenchyma when the brain is still  
soft you increase likelihood of artifactual neuronal change. make  
sure that you have enough formalin in the container - the brain  
should be well covered (1:10 ratio is ideal). After 24 hours then we  
section transversely (or what some call coronally) and wrap up the  
cut sections in paper towels to keep the sections in order. let that  
wrapped and cut brain sit for at least 2-3 days in the formalin to  
appropriately fix (some might even put it on a shaker to keep the  
formalin infiltrating into the cuts). For histopath we use 6-7 um  
sections and H&E staining. i am not sure of the processing schedule  
that's standard where i am. once you have your sections sampled you  
can then keep the left over portions in the same soaked paper towels  
with just a few cc's of formalin in a zip-lock plastic back for  
storage (once the brain is fixed).


On May 10, 2007, at 5:59 PM, I-sanna Gibbons wrote:

> Hi everyone
>   So what is the best histological procedure for bat brains?   
> Fixative, duration of fixation, processing schedule, section  
> thickness, stain, staining protocol...  I have checked the  
> literature but most authors used frozen tissue, not paraffin...   
> All help is appreciated :)
>   I-sanna
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