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Sorry for your current situation, Leslie - but I don't know how funding 
from the NIH has anything to do with the Pentagon.   While they are both 
government entities, I THINK their monies come from separate pockets.   I 
could be wrong, and I welcome naysayers, but it seems like everything is 
being blamed on the Iraq war these days.  Don't let "people" blame 
everything on the war.
Kinda early for Friday flaming, I know - I'm just trying to catch up.

I think 'research' has a couple of venues, commercial and academia. I've 
been a 'player' in hospital histo labs, university settings, as well as 
big pharma.   I like 'em all - but I like big pharma the best.
They have the most opportunity for spending money on equipment and 
personnel  - but the politics can be a kicker.     I did work in one 
hospital purported to be the richest private hospital in the world, and 
money was no object there.  I had carte blanche to rebuild that lab - kind 
nice.  Bottom line is, if you like getting up and going to work every day, 
and you make enough money to live a comfortable life - you have the 
perfect job.   The grass is always greener over the septic tank.


"Chen, Leslie"  
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[Histonet] Re: Switching from hospital histo to Research

I work in research and the pay is much worse than the hospital histotech
position.  I could be making 1.5 times more on the hospital side, but
I'd also be working much harder, in pain all the time from the cutting,
and work odd hours.  My position is much more flexible and I have a
great boss.

Disadvantages - research relies on grants, and the NIH is cutting money
- according to people - due to the war in Iraq.  I almost got laid off
1.5 years ago, and may be laid off in June due to lack of funding.

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