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From:"Paula Sicurello"

   I  would  love  to be back in research.  Now I'm doing both cli= nical
   and research so I have the stress of getting clinical slides out whil   e  dealing  with  researchers  who wonder why their slides aren't done

   If  anybody needs a research histologist in S. Calif= ornia/San Diego,
   call me!  :-)
   I've set up histo. labs for b= oth academic and pharma labs.

   Paula  :-) wrote: -----

     From: Linda Jenkins 
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     Subject: [Histonet] RE:Switching from hos= pital histo to Research
     Hi, Carol!
         You  stated:
      " I'm contemplating making a switch from= a routine hospital
     histology department to supervising a pharmaceutica= l research
     histology dept. working with mostly rodent tissue.  Any= opinions,
     suggestions,  or  resources anyone would like to contribute wo= uld
     greatly appreciated.  It seems like a much less stress leve= l than
     hospital  is  at times,..... so what am I missing or not thinkin= g
     as far as the "problems" in this type of histology?"
         Well,  I  made  the  switch  18 years ago and = the thoughts of
     going back
     to clinical have never entered my mind. &nbs= p;What's not to like?
     pay, better benefits, MUCH less stre= ss,  no more working holidays
     weekends unless I choose to do so= .  Being able to attend NSH
     conventions and regional and state mee= tings all expenses paid is
     another perk!  I think the primary ingr= edient to a successful
     transfer is that you must be self motivated and = capable of
     independent work.  In clinical your days are fairly wel= l defined
     (e.g.  embed, section, stain, etc.).  In research, you ju= st never
     what each day will bring.  If you like orderly, rout= ine days then
     might want to stay in clinical.  I brought human= protocols to my
     research  lab  and  they  all had to be severely modified.=  Rodent
     is so lean you must modify processing protocols or= you will end up
     with (as Gayle Callis says) "crispy critters".  Y= ou will be asked
     perform  stains  you  have only read about and they wi= ll probably
     to  be  modified  on  top of that. The only thing I really= miss is
     able  to consult with a pathologist and histology colleag= ues when
     encounter  problems.  Part  of that problem was solved by joini= ng
     VIR & Hard Tissue committees where I have bunches of "bone= head
     buddies" doing the stuff I am.  I still haven't found a resea= rch
     pathologist - much to my chagrin.
         =  There  is much to enjoy about each path so, even if you find
     = don't like research, you can always return to clinical.
      &nbs= p;  Good Luck,
         Lin= da

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