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Heather - 
If you're not active duty, why don't you get out of that job?   Seems like 
you've been struggling a long time there - -maybe that job just isn't the 
right fit.
Best wishes,

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[Histonet] Processing

  Well anybody who is a GS, if you know a friend of a friend, they will 
you a job. I agree military believe that civilians are enlisted people, 
think that you can be cross trained in every department, like a corpsman.
Unfortunately, that is why we have work pd's. Civilian vs. military is not 
great interface. A lot of problems are not dealt with until they directly
affect that person. Anyways, to the person who said, "report it to CAP".
What will they do? At this point, I wish it was easy to say that this 
could label slides. The accessioning process after 60 days is a nightmare.
I've repeated, visually shown, written things down and this lady is still
struggling. But for those who are not GS. A GS 7 can not train a GS 7, nor
the secretary at GS 5, can not train a GS 7. The work PD does not state 
So right now there is a major violation going on. This lady just happened 
want a GS job so badly, she might have sold her soul to the devil to get 
and now she is paying dearly. So she is on a year probation, and I'm 
a rock and a hard place because she is not capable of performing the job. 
have already rattled the pathologists cage, and I am getting ignored. I'm
just as guilty of standing by and doing nothing when patient care is being
compromised and when there is a problem, military come after the civilian
and pin the blame on you. That is why the BS is unreal and very very
political. I am debating whether to tell the CO. What should I do? That is 
trickle down effect and there will be retaliation. Anybody have any ideas 
what I should do? Let it go,  or go to the top and than commanders will 
some serious heat. Regardless oh how this situation is dealt with the
nending is not going to be nice. I don't want this woman to lose her job 
than again she is incompetent. All opinions appreciated.



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