Re: [Histonet] Certified thermometers

From:Rene J Buesa

Calibrate them yourself! Just place your thermometer in boilong water and, if you are at sea level and there is no atmosferic low pressure or metheorological disturbance around, your thermometer should read 100C when the water starts to boil. If there is a different reading (either higher or lower) that difference will be your thermometer correction, meaning that to whatever reading you have, you will have to add (+) or substract (-) that difference.
  For 0C fill a container with distilled water and add ice cubes and, with the same provisions as before, the reading should be 0C when there is a surface ice crust of ice in the water + ice.
  Once a year is enough  OR you could buy a digital thermometer (for less that $35). ALL come certified and avoid all the hassle previously described!
Ren J. wrote:
  Hello everyone,
I'm hoping for a little help. What is everyone using to calibrate routine 
thermometers in the histology lab (thermometers for refrig, H20 baths, IPOX 
machines....etc.)? We can no longer use mercury filled certified thermometers to 
test the others. Any suggestions? How often do the certified thermometers 
need to be recalibrated?

Thanks much,
Deb King

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