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Just listen to it's little voice - like I do.  Bwa ha ha!

"Blazek, Linda"  
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RE: [Histonet] timer calibration

I can't figure out how to calibrate the timer that lives in my head.

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Why don't we all just get atomic clocks and be done with it. I don't
believe they ever need to be calibrated. (unless the laws of physics and
radioactive element half-lives suddenly change).  I agree with Joe.
Staining is a special talent anyway. I have had to reset timers to add
more incubation time on stains lots of times (especially silver). Oh
sorry, it's only Wednesday. Only two more days to go.
Claire Ingles
 UW Hospital
Madison WI


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Subject: [Histonet] timer calibration

We calibrate our timers by doing the following.  Use the telephone to
call 303-499-7111.  A voice will prompt you and tell you the time.  At
the minute turn on the timer and record the Coordinated Universal time
and the timer time.  Listen until the next minute and turn off the timer
and record the Coordinated Universal Time and the time on the timer. 

Margaret Perry HT (ASCP)

IHC Lab Manager Veterinary Science

Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Lab

South Dakota State University

Box 2175 North Campus Drive

Brookings SD 57007

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