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Be very careful telling folks that you do gross only specimens.  This is
a very big subject that has been discussed through the PA sites.  It is
legally fraud to bill for something that you do not do.  If the
technician or PA does the gross only exam and the pathologists bill for
the professional component then it is fraud.  Grossing what you say you
are grossing falls under "grossing" even in CAP watered down definition
and counts as High complexity testing.  The technicians doing that
service should be compensated as such and should be paid close to what a
PA would make.

Charles Embrey, PA(ASCP)   

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The specimens we gross in are GI biopsies plus appendix,
gallbladders,some skins, tonsils that are gross only, cervical biopsies
to include LEEPs, bursa's, lipomas, ganglions, prostate chips and such.
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