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Yes, you can read all about GLPs (21 CRF Part 58 - Good Laboratory
Practice for Nonclinical Laboratory Studies) this is the Code of Federal
Regulations of the FDA. You can get it online at  It
is the bible for all of us in the Pharma GLP world.  It's a great read,
drink lots of coffee. It's a yearly mandatory class for all of us out
here in Pharma land. As they(FDA)say....if its not documented it didn't

Oh and yes the pay can better but its not like the old days when you
start working at 18 and stay at that company for 30 yrs. Their are still
a few lucky souls out there, but its rare.  I have been in this business
for 30yrs this year(time flies when your having fun) and I have been
through 7 mergers.  3 in 9 yrs at contract labs that changed hands
during the late Seventies/early Eighties and again 4 in 9 yrs with Big
Pharma. It is not necessarily a safe place in terms of job security. You
may have to move or loss your job, sometimes you don't get the choice.
You can guess who last Pfired me. I have actually ridden the WAVE as
they say pretty well "then why am I not in La Jolla with Dusko" fate I
guess. Its not over yet for many of our Histo friends out there and I
feel for all of you, hoping the best as well! I'm in a good place now
and have to say I'm learning to love my job. Who said the Northeast pays
well.....I have moved here(with the job of course) and you might it pays
well(it varies by Company) BUT coming from the mid-west the cost of
living is triple. I'm starting to settle in and enjoy the people I work
with.....its not for the money right?  Although, they don't know what
pop is here... they call it soda.

People that know me know I don't talk MUCH but I thought I would reply
to your GLP question. Good luck!

Hi to all my histo friends, you can reach me at my new digs,

Mary Gessford
Scientist II Supervisor
Anatomic Pathology
Schering-Plough Corp
Summit, NJ 07901

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Once again thanks to all who have responded to my original post about
switching to research.  I had many great responses both privately and to
the list.  When I make the plunge (which is looking like the way I'm
going) I'm sure I'll be back in touch a lot counting on all of your
great advice and wisdom.  In the meantime, several of you mentioned GLP,
is there a place I can start for more information in this realm? Thanks

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