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A person can be trained to accession in histology, cyto prep
and as a back up transcriptionist, she just cannot get certification.  I
am not sure of the way things are in the military world, but OJT can
have its ups and downs.  I have two techs the are OJT and both do fine.
"processing of specimens" means to take the specimen from accessioning
thru cover slipping and everything in the middle.

Maybe there is more to the story as to why this supervisor wants this
person to have this job!


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have a simple question. When the phrase "processing of specimens"is used
in someone's work description(duties), how does everyone interpret that?
Example: "Performs routine processing of histology specimens to include
accessioning, setting up or performing the gross of surgical specimens
and assisting the pathologist at gross."

I interpret it is as that person has to accession, gross, process,
embed, cut and stain. I want to see if others interpret this like I do.
I work for the government and have a situation where my military dept.
head and my military immediate supervisor (Head of Anatomical Pathology)
created a GS 7 position for a lady who was contracted as a phlebotomist.
She has no experience, no knowledge, no degree and is being trained
(OJT) which is a no no for a GS 7. Minimal degree for this position is
an Associates. I feel this is compromising patient care and I have
spoken to my immediate supervisor, who justified this woman getting the
position. I have a very tough decision to make, b/c I believe this is
wrong and I will not be hung out to dry when something major happens.
I'm covering all bases. I know one can not OJT in histology as of Jan.
2004. Does the same rule apply to cytology? This lady is being trained
to accession in histology, cyto prep
and as a back up transcriptionist.    Thanks everybody.


Heather A. Harper




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