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I would save as a jpeg rather than a pic file.  That would be my choice out
of those two.  Are you going to run image analysis after?  If that is the
case then you want the file format that will save as much information as
possible.  For image analysis we save images as tiff files.  Standard images
we take as jpeg files, since tiff files are too large even to e-mail in some


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Here is my problem:  I can only use Mac iMovie to edit my digital 
video.  I can not do this on a PC. ONLY iMovie.  To save a single frame 
from the video, my choices are either PICT or JPEG format.

My Question is: To save an origianl image, which is the best format, 

I'm not interested in hearing about Tiffs, BMPs or any other format as 
that is not one of my choices.

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