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We already do the color blind thing, how do you not! It's in there somewhere. Doesn't it make you want to quit doing CAP?

You all are 2 fun!!! and it's only Wednesday...

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Sure, why not? Require all histotechs to pass a "color-blindness" 
(note the quotes) eye exam. Given that women generally have better 
color discrimination than men in the red-green end of the spectrum, 
female histotechs should be more valuble and able to demand higher 
I can just see medical supply houses all carrying Pantone color charts ...


>I have followed this discussion with interest and a bit of humor on 
>the rationale for this chore.  It escapes me a bit -  but I did like 
>the idea of an atomic clock but then saw the reply about battery 
>failure.  Also, Greenwich time seemed the most logical over-all, 
>always available and correct.  I was most bothered by a second added 
>onto every year, and that means I get older by the second annually. 
>Hmmmm - but then the need for calibrated timers for validation 
>purposes with complex testing?  Is it the automated 
>stainers/processors they are worried about?
>As for resetting timers to do staining, my eyes are the timer when 
>developing a chromogen during manual IHC procedures - this is 
>controlled with a microscope.  I have let a clock run up in time to 
>garner a "ballpark" figure for optimal development, and found that 
>can vary from day to day too, not an exact timing to be sure.
>I agree with Claire on silver staining, but depend on microscopic 
>examination to monitor silver (for finalizing GMS, Jones methenamine 
>silver) ,and other proper removal of dyes  Luxol fast blue, 
>decolorizing tissue Gram stain.
>Now for a question:  Do you think CAP will ever require eye 
>calibration?  Sorry to even suggest that -
>Gayle Callis HTL, HT, MT(ASCP)
>Research Histopathology Supervisor
>Veterinary Molecular Biology
>Montana State University
>Bozeman MT 59717
>    At 01:02 PM 5/9/2007, you wrote:
>>Why don't we all just get atomic clocks and be done with it. I 
>>don't believe they ever need to be calibrated. (unless the laws of 
>>physics and radioactive element half-lives suddenly change).  I 
>>agree with Joe. Staining is a special talent anyway. I have had to 
>>reset timers to add more incubation time on stains lots of times 
>>(especially silver). Oh sorry, it's only Wednesday. Only two more 
>>days to go.
>>Claire Ingles
>>   UW Hospital
>>Madison WI
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>>Subject: [Histonet] timer calibration
>>We calibrate our timers by doing the following.  Use the telephone to
>>call 303-499-7111.  A voice will prompt you and tell you the time.  At
>>the minute turn on the timer and record the Coordinated Universal time
>>and the timer time.  Listen until the next minute and turn off the timer
>>and record the Coordinated Universal Time and the time on the timer.
>>Margaret Perry HT (ASCP)
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>>Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Lab
>>South Dakota State University
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