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That is why it is better to buy a certified digital thermometer, and budget for a new one every year! (Avoids all physical and methaphysical considerations!).
Ren J.

Kemlo Rogerson  wrote:  your thermometer should read 100C when the water starts to boil.

If water boils longer does it get hotter? I thought water boiled at 100 degrees however long you left it; if you increased the heat it still boiled at 100 degrees but the increased latent heat of vaporisation meant that more water was able to vaporise but still only at 100 degrees.

For 0C fill a container with distilled water and add ice cubes and, with the same provisions as before, the reading should be 0C when there is a surface ice crust of ice in the water + ice.

Same with freezing; I thought water could be 'frozen' at the eutectic point of water which is +4 degrees C (that's how you get 'black ice'). It certainly is at its most dense (which is why ice floats) and wouldn't the bottom of the water be hotter than at the top cos the coldest water floats (its less dense at the eutectic point) that's why we are here are were able to crawl out of the sea and my Koi don't freeze in Winter. Never really understood water that why I used to brew beer in it. I'd buy a digital thermometer because those of you at sea level will soon drown anyway with global warming.

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