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From:I-sanna Gibbons

I am having a bit of trouble obtaining good quality slides of bat brains. The brains are fixed in Carnoy's, stored in absolute alcohol, processed routinely, infiltrated with paraffin, sectioned at 8 microns and stained using cresyl fast violet.  The aim is to record the cytoarchitecture.  The resulting slides show poor tissue integrity with extensive cracking.  Can anyone suggest how this can be avoided?  I was thinking maybe a double-embedding method for whole brains (10-15 mm) and thicker sections (25-30 microns)?
  Thanking you in advance
  I-sanna Gibbons, DVM
  Veterinary Anatomy
  School of Veterinary Medicine
  The University of the West Indies
  Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

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