[Histonet] Sorry, forgot to send to Histonet - Softening chitin - Drosophila heads)

From:Gayle Callis

>Rene is correct with this suggestion.
>One way to soften the chitin is to soak the totally fixed insect in 4% 
>phenol, alcoholic solution for 24 hours.  Beware, phenol is toxic.  Make 
>it up by melting the phenol, add 4 ml of this to 96 ml of 80% 
>alcohol).  Phil Oshel provided a processing schedule for small insects, I=20
>have attached that to Anthony privately.
>At 10:15 AM 5/11/2007, you wrote:
>>Your problem resides in the fact that you have to "soften" the chitin 
>>before processing the heads, otherwise the chitin cannot be infiltrated 
>>by the paraffin, causing the tears you are having.
>>   Soften the chitin first and process afterwards.
>>   René J.

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