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From:"Ingles Claire"


Does that mean that WE need to be calibrated yearly now? What would the standards be?  Happy Friday, and upcoming Mother's Day. I'm going fishing!  Then I get to 'gross' the fish for the frying pan. Mmmm. Don't worry, I'll watch my Mercury intake. I don't need to loose mental functioning any faster than it has been happening lately. Maybe I'm just allergic to my pathologists. Could I get workman's comp. for that? Sorry about the rambling.




Hi Everyone,

I have been reading the correspondence about timers for a few days. It never
ceases to amaze me how a bureaucracy can create rules that have to real
merit, requiring everyone to jump through hoops, (occasionally burning
hoops!) to no real purpose. After 35 years, I still have yet to see (even
with IHC stains) how a 'certified' timer adds anything at all to the
accuracy of a stain. Isn't it the training and experience of the
histotechnologist that determines how useful and readable a special stain
is? Lee Luna, Desna Sheehan and a few others would turn over in their

Now that I have let off steam about this, I hope everyone has a great

By the way, if there are any techs out their who would like to learn how fun
Mohs histology is, let me know. I have doctors looking for qualified people.


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