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From:"Beth Cox"

Hi Karen,

It is generally recommended that you spin down your fluid, decant, and then
add the fixative and re-spin.  Using a 1/2 fluid and 1/2 fixative method
gives you a weak solution for fixation.  Whether you use 95% alcohol (ethyl
or reagent) or 10% formalin is a personal choice - it depends on whether
your pathologist likes to see formalin fixed morphology or alcohol fixed

You didn't mention what method you use to hold all those loose cells
together for processing/embedding/sectioning.  There are several simple
methods available to make your life easier and give the most cellular
blocks/slides.  If you are interested in info about those, just let me know.

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From: "Heckford, Karen - SMMC-SF" 
Subject: [Histonet] Cell Button Prep
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I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as giving input on the different
ways of preparing a cell button.  We work a lot with Pleural Fluid and
Ascites Fluid.  I have been told two different ways.  One is just 1/2 and
1/2 with fluid and 95%alcohol and spend down decant and get your cell
button.  The other is spend down the fluid decant add 10%formalin respin and
let set then get your cell button.  Of course this all after I have made my
cytospins.  We do not have a ThinPrep type machine.  Any input would be very
appreciative.  I realize there is probably more ways to do this that I have
not heard of.

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