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From:"Kathy Cormier"

Hey Everyone,

Another question for the collective knowledge bank out there. We are working w/ Qdot 525 goat anti rabbit fab fragment on FFPE mouse tissue. We are trying to get this to work with one of our usual antibodies ( that we use FITC and CY3 on)  that routinely works on FFPE mouse tissue. We are getting no signal on the Qdot slides (our regular slides are fine). Has anyone gotten Qdots to work routinely on FFPE tissue? Will this Qdot be visible w/ out buying the very specific filter sets for Qdots? The pathologist insists that they should be visible w/ regular filter sets, not the very expensive sets. I am using the Immunoedge pens, and the Cytoseal 60 that is recommended by the spec sheet. Any suggestions or ideas? 


Kathy Cormier
Div Comp Medicine
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