[Histonet] Proof of Employment for HT Cert-Testing?

From:"Hired Blade"

   I  am  wondering if anybody who has recently taken the c= ertification
   exams  for  HT(ASCP)  via  the  "year-of-employment"  (plus  acedmi= c
   requirements)  route  can  tell me how the ASCP asks for proof of ones
   yea=  r-term fulfilled?   Is it a signed letter from your supervising   Path-MD,   or   perhaps   copies  of  starting  and  ending  pay-check
   statements?&=  nbsp;  I  am nearing my  firstyear-mark and starting to
   gear up for ju= mping this hoop with some excitement!  I looked on the
   official ASCP= site and couldn't seem to find this answer by the way.

   Même  le  plus  noble des super-héros possède sa part d'ombre...

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