[Histonet] Need to Find These People

From:Pamela Marcum

Hi All,

We are preparing for the Region 2 Fall Symposium in September, 
2007.  We have found the following people are missing or have e-mail, 
work and\or home addresses that are out of date.  While these are or 
could be Maryland State Histology members we have them in a data base 
and would love to see them at the Rrgion Meeting.

Could you please contact Gloria Limetti at glorialimetti@yahoo.com so 
we can update and send the information - PLEASE?

Michelle Gitu
Bradley Blumenauer
Nancy Marinos
Yvonne Chavez
Tori Graves
Reginald Woodard
Kelly Benauer
Joseph Madary
Pratibhna Vohra
Traci Sullivan Ashley Hull
Elizabeth Smith
Fred Argilan
Elizabeth Williams
Jerry Skwarek
Annie Meriweather
Mary Ann Cohen
Dawn Spicer
Linda Hrabek
Gayle Andre
Ravi Vohra
Kimberly Tuttle

Best Regards,

Pamela A Marcum
Manager, Histology Special Procedures
University of Pennsylvania
School of Veterinary Medicine
R.S. Reynolds Jr.  CORL
New Bolton Center
382 West Street Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Phone - 610-925-6278
Fax     - 610-925-8120
E-mail - pmarcum@vet.upenn.edu 

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