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Product specs for Open Biosystems

We have had the same problem with Open Biosystems I don't know why these
things are not listed on their website.  We started buying this stuff a long
time ago when they were Phoenix (before that they were the company that
Bragatti started), I really like their products.  
 (we order by phone 888-412-2225), we do not have a catalog from them.
Protein Blocker MBI1239
Antibody Diluent MBI1235
Hematoxylin MBI1222
Stable Dab MBI1241

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I went to Open Biosystems website and did not find any of the items you 
mentioned in this reply.  Are there product numbers available?

At 10:34 AM 5/9/2007, you wrote:
>Dako's protein block is serum free and from what I understand is just
>casein, no bsa.  I use serum free protein block from Open Biosystems, I
>use their Stable Dab, Antibody Diluent, hematoxylin CS, etc., they are a
>cheaper from most and I like their products.

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