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From:Geoff McAuliffe

Hi Caron:

    Are you using the "new" Spurr in which ERL 4206 has been replaced by 
ERL 4221? If so, the instructions on how to mix the various components 
are almost certainly wrong. All of the vendors I have had experience 
with are sending out the wrong formulations, apparently because they 
have been told that the 4221 can replace 4206 on a 1:1 basis. Wrong! The 
result is a poorly infiltrated block.
    Now, if you are using an older kit with 4206:
1. your accelerator is probably old
2. mixing of components was incomplete
3. the blocks are too big to infiltrate in the time allocated.

I don't think you will be able to harden the blocks you already have, 
sorry. Maybe you can cut the blocks, dissolve out the sticky resin and 
re-infiltrate with fresh.


caron fournier wrote:

>Hi All:
>  I have some sheep spine that have been processed and embedded in Spurr resin but the spurr has remains "sticky" in the middle of the block near the spine. I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion about what I can do to get this to harden enough that I can section them with our bandsaw and grind them. We have had them curing in a 60 degree oven for a couple of weeks and they have gotten a little better but not completely hard. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>  Caron
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