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From:"Joe Nocito"

Bravo! Gudrun, Bravo!

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First you are fascinated by the wonderful quality, go-away-system, easy to
handle technique, fast results. Doctors see constant quality, less staff
needed and therefore decrease of costs (?). And then, they want a special
antibody to work - hmm. And then, the bill comes in. And now the complains
go on. The technician, who is soo expensive, has to look for ways to make
the system cheaper. Each sticker on the slides is counted, and each drop of
antibody is saved. And there hangs the damokles-sword above our heads, that
the next job-position will be shortened. "Make it cheaper - or your job is
lost". It would have been better to evaluate the follow-costs before
complaining, yes?
I don't like the dependence on a single company - but I like the good

Gudrun Lang

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I'm not saying do it manually. I'm saying that there are less expensive ways
to perform immunos than using Ventana's high cost reagents.

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Undoubtedly the cost and maintenance of automation is cheaper than the cost
of additional employees salaries and benefits accompanied by associated
duplication of manual systems.  Additionally, equipment is depreciable,
whereas human resources are a cost.


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flaming time
How come every one talks about the reliability and walk away technology, but
no one ever talks about the price of running these machines? Shouldn't cost
be a factor also?
I've been in budget meetings all week. The only thing I heard was how
expensive it is to run immunos. Yeah, we have two XTs, what do you expect?

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their lawyers.

Oh, by the way, I told the same thing to my Ventana Rep on Friday. He knows,
so y'all don't need to call my CEO. Y'all know who you are.

Let the flaming begin.

Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX
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> We are considering buying some new equipment.  I would like to know who
> uses the Ventana Benchmark
> immunostainer or other immunostainers and what you like and don't like
> about it.
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