Re: [Histonet] Tadpoles

From:Rene J Buesa

  After finding "the hard way" that the worst fixative for this type of specimen is the picro-acetic-formaldhyde of Bouin, I sucessfully used the one developed by Gregg and Puckett (1943):
  water 225 mL + 40% formaldehyde 20 mL + acetic acid 5 mL and mercuric chloride 12.5 g 
  To avoid merury bichloride you could use Smith fixative (1912) as an alternate:
  water 230 mL + potassium dichromate 2.5 g + 40% formaldehyde 12.5 mL + acetic acid 6.25 mL This also gives good results.
  I hope this will help yopu!
  René J.

Ian Montgomery  wrote:
  Student going to Trinidad this summer where she will study frogs. Most
of us would simply chill and drink rum but this is a keen young student. Any
recommendations for a fixative for tadpoles just as they are about too
emerge from the egg. No jelly, just a tadpole inside the egg.

Dr. Ian Montgomery,
IBLS Support Unit,
Graham Kerr Building,
Tel: 4652, 6644.

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