Re: [Histonet] Sealing Paraffin Blocks

From:Rene J Buesa

  Sealing the surface of paraffin blocks is advisable to prevent tissue oxidation, fungus growth, insects bitting / chewing into the tissue, shrinkage from drying, and the prevention of all of that is good, BUT it is a time consuming and costly operation.
  In labs with large work volume it is almost imposible to do on a regular basis without investing a lot of time and effort.
  I have done it but just for control blocks or some interesting cases that the pathologists wanted to keep for years as part of our teching activities, otherwise, in spite of the potential advantages, we did not do it for routine cases.
  As in many things, a balance has to be found.
  Hope this will help you
  René J. wrote:
  What is the current opinion and practice on sealing paraffin blocks prior 
to filing/archiving them? What is the pro and con in your opinion?
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