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From:Geoff McAuliffe

    The classic tissues used to demonstrate mitosis are onion root tip 
and whitefish blastula. You need tissue where there is a lot of cell 
division to see many stages, mitosis is a short lived event. This is why 
researchers interested in cell proloferation use things like radioactive 
thymidine incorporation or, these days, PCNA or bromodeoxyuridine 
labeling. The lable is a lot easier to 'catch' than a fleeting mititic 
figure. You could try the base of the crypts in the small intestine for 
mitosis if the others are not available. Or buy some slides from 
Carolina or Turtox or whatever biological supply house is in your country.
    Testis is good for meiosis but you will see many, many primary 
spermatocytes (meiosis I lasts a very long time) and very few secondary 
spermatocytes (meiosis II is very short).
    Good luck!


Lina Vieira wrote:

>I need to make some slides wich provide a good image of mitosis and meiosis for education purposes and I have only week to do it! Have You any suggestions? Protocols? Bibliography?
>Tanks in advance,
>Lina Vieira
>University of Algarve
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