Re: [Histonet] Incubation chamber

From:"Andrea T. Hooper"

Along those same lines, plastic slide boxes also work famously well 
for small runs. Just place the slides ontop of the slide holder slots 
and some water or buffer beneath and voila, a humid chamber!

At 9:21 AM -0600 5/23/06, Gayle Callis wrote:
>Evergreen Scientific has a 10 slide chamber, plastic, with lid.  The 
>chamber is designed so slides are elevated, just add water to bottom 
>of wells for humidity.  There are 3 chambers per package, very 
>inexpensive.  You can stack them.  They come either black plastic 
>for fluorescence work OR clear.  I have seen them sold other places 
>to, maybe EMS is the place.  Evergreen makes them.
>Very tidy little devices for low volume work
>Gayle Callis


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