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Formaldehyde was a common ingredient of shampoos, and I remember reading 
the ingredients (with horror) on a bottle of Mr. Bubble bubble bath for 
kids (like 25 years ago).    If you remember "Good Morning Vietnam" - they 
mentioned using formaldehyde to produce a better head on a glass of beer 
from the tap.
I once worked with a pathologist who was allergic to formaldehyde.  When 
he did the gross, we had to rinse all the specimens in H20 before he could 
examine them - yeah, that was fun.
Jackie O'

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Re: [Histonet] Formalin on skin

I would imagine that if someone had open wounds or breaks in the skin, 
could be acute problems. But chronic long-term problems are unlikely with
such a brief incident.

People drink formaldehyde (or at least used to, wasn't it a preservative 
beer many years ago??), they smoke it (I've heard of people dipping joints
in formaldehyde for a stronger buzz, never tried it myself), and we 
it in the lab every day. I believe that the carcinogenic effects are due 
long-term exposure in laboratory animals. I am not aware of any studies
involving human subjects.

Hope this helps.

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You are 100% correct.  I have even reached a bare hand into formalin to
pull out something before but washed with soap and water minutes after.
I have not personally heard of formalin causing an increased risk of
skin cancer however I am sure that there is a study somewhere that has
probably associated some risk with L---O---N---G term exposure. Your
labassistant should be perfectly safe.  Just don't drink it and keep it
out of the eyes :)

Charles Embrey Jr. PA(ASCP)

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Today a labassistent asked me, what would happen to her skin, if
swallowed over her arm.
I said, the formalin would harden the skin, but only on the surface. She
should wash the arm with plenty of water, and there will reamain no
reaction. It would not be dangerous for her health.

Do you agree with me? Is there a cancer-risk after short contact with

Gudrun Lang

Akh Linz

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