Re: [Histonet] EM specimen processing pricing

From:Rene J Buesa

  I am going to e-mail you a costs summary for histology procedures that include TEM, but as a whole not step by step. That you could calculate from the time it takes for each, materials needed, and salary component.
  The overall cost for TEM procedures (at 13.2 h total) is $22.10 for materials, $330.00 salary component for a total of  $352.10
  The average TAT for the whole is 13.2 hours as an average from 17 laboratories.
  You could also find some data of TEM TAT at
  René J.

John Paul  wrote:
I was wondering if the group with help me the customary pricing for the following services
1. Tissue processing and embedding of specimen in epoxy resin
2. Cost of cutting semi thin section per slide (15 slides) stained with touludine blue

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