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I am with you Joe. 
I have not ever been able to understand how the labs can justify spending so
much to run IHC, I guess they just pass the cost on to the patient, I can do
the same thing for about 1/100 of the cost of running an instrument like the
Ventana using an open system like the Dakoautostainer and making up a lot of
my own reagents like the buffers.  I work in research and don't have a money
cow like the patient health care system to milk.  No wonder health care
costs are so,years ago when I worked in clinical we used to do what ever we
could to try and help save the patient expense, sure doesn't seem like that
is the case anymore.  I know that understaffing, quick turn around and
untrained personnel is a big part of the problem here but come on, do you
really want someone who only knows how to apply a bar code to be running
your diagnostic IHC's?
Bring on the flaming......

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flaming time
How come every one talks about the reliability and walk away technology, but

no one ever talks about the price of running these machines? Shouldn't cost 
be a factor also?
I've been in budget meetings all week. The only thing I heard was how 
expensive it is to run immunos. Yeah, we have two XTs, what do you expect?

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Oh, by the way, I told the same thing to my Ventana Rep on Friday. He knows,

so y'all don't need to call my CEO. Y'all know who you are.

Let the flaming begin.

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Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX
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> We are considering buying some new equipment.  I would like to know who 
> uses the Ventana Benchmark
> immunostainer or other immunostainers and what you like and don't like 
> about it.
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