RE: [Histonet] Sealing Paraffin Blocks

From:"Andrea T. Hooper"

I couldn't agree more. Exposed blocks can grow all sorts of things 
over time especially if not fully penetrated ... yuck!

>I am a strong believer in sealing blocks.
>While paraffin does penetrate into cells etc. it is still possible for
>water (and organisms of various types) to penetrate into the block.
>After all we use water to soak into some blocks to enhance cutting.
>I have seen stored, unsealed blocks, with massive penetration of fungi
>throughout the entire tissue. Also if unsealed blocks are stored in a
>dry atmosphere they will tend to shrink.
>If you are going to store blocks for any length of time I would seal
>them not just dipping  them into molten paraffin but melting the surface


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