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This is from the ASCP BOR site:

The OJT route is closing soon so if he hasn't graduated from an
accredited PA school he had better hurry.  The ONLY test given now for
PA certification is the ASCP/BOR exam.  The AAPA has discontinued the
Fellowship exam.

PA(ASCP) Pathologists' Assistant
To be eligible for this examination category, an applicant must
satisfy the requirements of at least one of the following routes:
Route 1: Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited
college/university AND successful completion of a NAACLS
accredited Pathologists' Assistant program within the last five
years, OR
Route 2: Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited
college/university with 20 semester hours (30 quarter hours) of
biology, AND three years full time acceptable experience as a
Pathologists' Assistant within the last ten years. The three years of
experience must be under the supervision of a pathologist (certified
by the American Board of Pathology in Anatomic Pathology).
Route 3: Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited
college/university with a combination of 24 semester hours (36
quarter hours) of biology and chemistry, AND five years of full time
acceptable experience in hemapheresis within the last ten years
under the direction of a Medical Director, OR
Route 4: Doctorate in Medicine with current state or provincial
license AND one year of full time acceptable experience in
hemapheresis within the last ten years under the direction of a
Medical Director.
NOTE: Applicants applying under Routes 1 and 4 must submit a
notarized copy of their current state or provincial license.
Clinical Laboratory
To fulfill the experience requirement for the
Pathologists' Assistant examination, you
must have experience, within the last ten
years, in the following areas:
* Preparation, gross description, and
dissection of human tissue surgical
specimens, including a minimum of
20 different specimens from the
following list:
Skin excision; Parathyroidectomy;
Thyroidectomy, complete or partial;
Breast lumpectomy; Mastectomy for
tumor; Fetus and placenta; Placenta;
Products of conception or ectopic
pregnancy; Liver or kidney biopsy;
Appendectomy; Lymphoma work-up;
Colectomy/enterectomy for tumor;
Colectomy/enterectomy for non-tumor;
Tonsillectomy; Splenectomy; Brain
biopsy or lobectomy; Nerve or muscle
biopsy; Bone, resection or excision;
Bone biopsy, cyst or tumor; Femoral
head; Lung, lobectomy or pneumonectomy;
Amputation; Nephrectomy,
complete or partial; Choleocystectomy;
Radical neck or laryngectomy specimen;
Hepatectomy, transplant or lobectomy;
Radical prostatectomy; Cystectomy
(urinary bladder); Gastrectomy;
Oophorectomy; Soft tissue mass:
lipoma, hemangioma, lymphangioma,
sarcoma, etc.; Hysterectomy
Orchiectomy; Adrenalectomy
* Obtaining biological specimens such as
blood, tissue and toxicological material
for analysis
* Photographing gross specimens and
microscopic slides as directed
* Preparation and prosection of a
minimum of 10 human postmortem
examinations. These must include:
a. At least 8 adult or pediatric complete
b. At least 2 of the autopsies must
include brain
c. May use 2 fetal autopsies (20 weeks
or 500 grams/ not surgical specimen)
d. Must have name or initials on report
or be mentioned in narrative
e. PAD, Clinical Summary & FAD
* Selecting, preparing and submitting
appropriate gross tissue sections for
frozen section

Good Luck and e-mail me if I can be of any further assistance:

Charles Embrey PA(ASCP)

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I have had a request from a pathologist to attempt getting our grossing
assistant qualified to take the PA exam. This person just completed the
degree; has been grossing ~ 1. 5 years after training , and being deemed
competent on "simple" cases, bx's, tonsils, etc.( by the certified PA &
pathologist) He has/ is  performing histology, autopsies, etc. 
Both the certified PA and myself  (which obviously is not good enough)
has explained that he is NOT qualified under the new  ASCP guidelines
but I have to do it and secure documentation.

Can someone point me in the right direction to secure what I need? 


Nita Searcy, HT/HTL (ASCP)
Scott and White Hospital
Division Manager, Anatomic Pathology
2401 S. 31st. Street 
Temple, Texas, 76502


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