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I agree about the damage to the blocks perhaps being a technical
(technician) problem.  Dr. Morales at the Univ. of Miami designed the
Sakura Xpress and he has said that they have tested tens of thousands of
specimens and not one has been damaged.  Anyone who wants details should
contact him. His is a hospital facility and I am sure he would be happy
to talk with anyone who calls about this concern.

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     I'm not aware of any discontent with the microwave processing.  In
our facility there is a big push to do everything microwave so that our
process of getting the slides to the Pathologists is facilitated!
Infiltration is better in the fatty tissue (breast), and our late
machine will come off six hours sooner. The microwave procedures are
also in a constant state of improvement and development.   
    We've been researching this issue and trying to get this project off
the ground for three years, but the size of the processors or cost has
been a stumbling block.
     Damage to the blocks could have been due to a repeated technical
problem and the facility the Pathologist talked to simply gave up.
      See what everyone else says about this - let me know if it's


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Dear All, 

Our department has been trying to buy a microwave assissted tissue
processor for about a year, but one of the major stumbling blocks in
this process is that one of the pathologists in our department insists
that laboratories "in the west" (we're in Poland) are abandoning these
machines as they damage the blocks of tissue inside.  Is there any truth
in this?  Are there any unhappy microwave processor users on Histonet?  
If so, I'd like to hear from you, explaining what the most common
problems are and what you've tried to solve them.  Also, I'd like to
hear from people who have positive things to say about these machines. 

In either case, please make sure you include details of the make and
model of the processor in your reply. 

Many thanks in advance. 



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