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Hi All,
We have a puzzling case. An optic nerve and muscle we received as a consult 
has strange colloid looking deposits. I have posted 2 pictures on 
histonet.org  They are labelled AE H&E-0007  (H&E stain) and AE H&E-0008 
(H&E polarised). Does anyone have any idea what they could be. The 
specimens had been fixed in alcohol. They show faint homogeneous staining 
with Alcian blue (pH 2.5) but no staining for calcium (alizarin red), 
phosphate or sulphate (von Kossa) or with toluidine blue, Congo red or PAS 
although they are faintly stained following pretreatment with diastase. 
 They are also present in unstained frozen section of fixed optic nerve.

Any clues
Rosalba Zumbo
Manager Histology Dept
Department of Forensic Medicine
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