[Histonet] Re:looking for oligodendrocyte antibody for FS

From:"Carl Hobbs"

I haven't tried this on FS but it appears to be selective for a narrow range
of CNS cells, on pwax sections, after HIER. Take a look at Calbiochem's spec
sheet for APC ( # OP80).
Also , I posted a couple of pics here http://www.immunoportal.com/index.php
using their Ab on pwax sections.It is not exclusive for oligodendrocytes but
, despite the spec sheet stating that it will, I haven't noted any astrocyte
labelling so far. Hit "picture gallery" and type in "APC" in the search box.
I would be interested in your opinion and anyone else's, regarding the oligo
"fidelity" of the staining.( not my area)
 I have no experience of the above Ab reagent's reactivity  after using
Zamboni's fluid fixation.
	The incorporation of Picric acid to fixing fluids seems to be accepted as
an "accentuator" of immunoreactivity, in many cases. In my humble opinion
and limited experience, I find it's incorporation to be detrimental to
achieving optimal immuno reactivity in pwax and also frozen sections.
Best wishes

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