[Histonet] Nerve staining

From:Yak-Nam Wang

Hello all,

I have 10% NBF fixed porcine tissue embedded in paraffin and want to stain
for nerve fibers (specifically the celiac plexus). I have looked back at the
archives and understand using the silver stains like Bodian's can be rather
tricky so wanted to get peoples opinion on nerve staining.

My questions are:
1) Is there another 'less tricky' stain that can be used for nerve fibers
(methylene blue) ? Or a more user friendly method (Someone mentioned a
Holmes technique)?
2) Any tips for getting over the tricky steps?
3) Has anyone tried the Bodian's 'kit' sold by Electron Microscopy Science?

Thanks in advance for the insight.
Yak-Nam Wang
Research Associate
Applied Physics Laboratory
University of Washington
Box 355640
Seattle WA 98195
Tel.: 206-616-6673

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